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Oasis shallow well non freezing hand pump with blue body


NOTE: IF YOU WANT A DIFFERENT HANDLE ORIENTATION THAN SHOWN IN THE PHOTO JUST SEND ME AN This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. DESCRIBING THE DESIRED HANDLE POSITION

Oasis WP2NF is for installation in a well or cistern only

  • Needs a minimum 5” well casing or opening into cistern
  • This unit has the cylinder (pumping mechanism) located 10 feet below the base of the pump stand and therefore below the frost line.
  • Made in the USA and Canada of ABS and PVC, the Oasis pump is light weight and will not rust or corrode

The Oasis Shallow Well Pump hand pump is capable of pumping water out of a well or cistern from depths of up to 22 Feet

  • The closed design helps prevent contaminants from entering the well
  • Water can be pumped to another location and overhead by attaching a 1 1/4” hose to the discharge spout 
  • Does not freeze because a 1/16” hole is drilled in the drop pipe below the frost line
  • After you stop pumping the water above the hole drains back down the well

PUMP STAND SPECIFICATIONS: (The component that sits above the well).

  • Height: 24” (60 cm) and can be easily modified to suit
  • Base Diameter: 7” (17.5 cm)
  • Weight: 6 lbs (2.8 kg)
  • Discharge Port: 1 1/2” I.D., includes 1 1/4” female pipe thread adapter (with vermin screen), and elbow with 1 1/4” female pipe thread
  • Suction Port: 2” female pipe thread for drop pipe
  • Pump Rod Size: 3/8” diameter with adapter to 1/2” rigid PVC plastic pipe (female pipe thread)
  • Pump Stroke: 3 1/2” (9 cm)
  • All fasteners and the upper pump rod are stainless steel

CYLINDER SPECIFICATIONS: (The component that goes down the well).

  • Length: 26” (65 cm) including foot valve
  • Outside Diameter: 4 3/8” (11 cm)
  • Inside Diameter: 3” (7.5 cm)
  • Weight: 5 lbs (2.6 kg)
  • Pipe Size: 2” rigid PVC with female pipe thread
  • Plunger Assy: Engineering Thermoplastic and stainless steel, with waterproof leather cup
  • Plunger Rod: 1/2” rigid PVC pipe with female pipe thread
  • Cylinder Barrel: made of rigid PVC plastic
  • Capacity: approximately 4 gpm at 50 strokes per minute


The major components of a complete installation are as follows:


  • The base is attached to a platform above the well casing (using 1/4" fasteners, 4 required and available locally)
  • Has 2” female pipe thread to attach the drop pipe
  • Has stainless steel upper rod with adapter to attach pump rod Oasiswp2nfdla

(2) DROP PIPE (2” rigid PVC plastic) - purchase locally

  • 1 length 10’ long
  • Connects the pump stand to the well cylinder and carries the water to the surface

(3) PUMP ROD (1/2” rigid PVC plastic) - purchase locally

  • 1 length 10' long
  • Located inside the drop pipe and connects the pump handle to the plunger assembly in the cylinder
  • This hollow pump rod actually floats and therefore reduces the pumping effort

(4) WELL CYLINDER (3” I.D., 4 3/8” OD) made of rigid PVC plastic, with 2” female pipe thread

  • The actual pumping component that goes down the well
  • The up and down movement of the plunger (activated by the pump handle and pump rod) brings the water to the surface
  • Plunger has 1/2” female pipe thread to connect to the pump rod
  • Has external foot valve

(5) INSERT ADAPTER (1 1/4” ) - 2 supplied 

  • 1 screws into bottom of the cylinder and 1 screws into the foot valve
  • Used to attach 1 1/4” black poly pipe

(6) BLACK POLY PIPE (1 1/4” INSIDE DIAMETER ) - purchase locally

  • Goes from the bottom of the cylinder down into the water
  • Must be long enough to reach 10 to 15 feet below the surface of the water if possible, keeping in mind the level may drop in the dry time of year
  • Has the foot valve installed on the bottom

(7) FOOT VALVE (1 1/4”) - 1 supplied 

  • Attaches to bottom of black poly pipe
  • Is part of the pumping mechanism
  • Must be at least 6” above bottom of well or cistern


  • Can be fabricated from wood or steel and must be high enough to allow access to the well seal bolts

(9) WELL SEAL - purchase locally to fit your specific well casing 

  • Must have hole for 2" pipe
  • Used to seal the top of the well casing where the drop pipe goes in


  • Installed by a well driller, 6” is a common size, BUT MUST BE AT LEAST 5 “ TO ACCOMMODATE THE CYLINDER, OTHERWISE AN OPTIONAL SMALLER CYLINDER MUST BE USED, contact us for details


  • Used to attach black poly pipe to insert adapters in cylinder and foot valve

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