Guzzler 400S

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Foot operated bilge pump for kayaks, canoes and boats

Capacity: 9 litres (2 gallons) per minute at 60 double strokes (up and down) per minute, 0.17 liters (.03 gallons) per double stroke with 1" hose 

Weight : .57 kilograms (1.25 lbs.)

Size: 25 cm. long (10") 12.5 cm. wide (5")- 10 cm. high (4")

  • body made of injection molded DuPont Delrin
  • diaphragm made of Buna-N (Nitril), reinforced with Dacron
  • valves are duck bill style (better for debris) made of Buna-N (Nitril)
  • fasteners made of stainless steel
  • these pumps are used in applications where there is less then 2 feet of suction lift. Since it is the return spring that pulls the water into the pump. For example:
  • foot operated bilge pumps (boats, kayaks, canoes, etc.)
  • water supply in trailers
  • flush pump in portable toilets
  • water display in museums and science centres
  • stronger springs are available for higher suction lifts, contact us for details
  • available with 3/4" male pipe thread to attach 90 degree elbows for tight installations, contact us for details 

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