Guzzler 500H

CAD112.95 each Weight: 0.57 kg
Width: 22 cm
Length: 36 cm
Height: 21 cm


Has horizontal handle and connects to 1 1/2" ID hose using a clamp

Capacity: 54 liters (12 gallons) per minute at 90 double strokes (up and down) per minute, 0.63 liters (.13 gallons) per double stroke

Weight: .57 kilograms (1.25 lbs.)
Size: 25 cm. long (10") - 12.5 cm. wide (5") - 10 cm. high (4")

  • makes an excellent hand operated back up sump pump
  • connects to 1 1/2"  hose using clamps, to connect to 1 1/4" sump pump hose which is sold at most hardware stores order the Guzzler 500H-1 1/4"F
  • can be permanently mounted to a vertical or horizontal surface (see photo below courtesy of Walter from Windsor, Ontario showing the 500H-1 1/4"F), or attached to a small piece of wood for portability (has four screw holes). 
  • body made of injection molded DuPont Delrin
  • handle made of anodized aluminum
  • diaphragm and valves made of Buna-N, reinforced with Dacron (contact us for optional materials available)
  • fasteners made of stainless steel
  • handle orientation to the inlet and out let fittings can be changed by rotating the clamp ring to  12 different positions.
  • handle movement is up and down with pump sitting on horizontal surface, to convert to back and forth movement order the vertical handle option.
  • for rough use applications order the heavy duty aluminum clamp ring.
  • NOTE - for drinking water applications the FDA approved model G2400 is recommended, contact us for details.