Crank EZ Rotary Vane Pump

CAD169.95 each Weight: 2 kg
Width: 31 cm
Length: 36 cm
Height: 27 cm


This rotary vane hand pump is capable of moving large volumes of water a short distance. It can also be operated by and electric drill.

Crank EZ Rotary Vane Pump

Amazing new design pumps incredible volumes at low RPM! Made in Canada!

  • Temporary/Emergency use
  • Sets up in less time than a powered pump
  • Pump out flooded basements, pools, hot tubs etc., etc
  • Bail out boats
  • Fill holding tanks in areas with no electricity
  • Pump thick fluids like paint & oil
  • Not for flammable or abrasive materials
  • Not for continuous/commercial use


Capacity - 50 gpm at 128 rpm by hand - 75 gpm at 200 rpm with drill.
Weight - 4.5 lbs.
Size - 12 1/4” high with handle at top, 11” wide including handle grip, 10" long from inlet port to outlet port. Handle - 6”long with 3” swivel grip.
Materials: body made of glass filled nylon with aluminum shaft.
Handle made of glass filled nylon with steel pin.
Connects to 2” pipe (ABS plumbing pipe used in drains) using a coupling.
Pump must be located as close as possible to water source for easy priming.
This is a high volume pump designed to move large volumes of water a short distance.

Vertical heights greater than about 10 feet, and horizontal distances greater than about 20 feet greatly increase the pumping effort

The water must not contain any sediment, abrasive material or solids

Warranty: 60 day replacement from manufacturer