Boshart hand pump

CAD92.95 each Weight: 7.5 kg
Width: 23 cm
Length: 20 cm
Height: 43 cm


Boshart Old Fashioned Shallow Well Pump

Boshart old fashioned shallow well hand pump, also called a cistern pump.

Has a cast iron body, steel pump rod, aluminum plunger assembly and leather cup.

Open spout design.

NOTE: this pump should not be used on a well because contaminants can enter the well through the open top. Use the Hitzer, Oasis WP2 or OasisWP2P for drinking water applications.

Will lift (pull) water from up to  22 feet vertically but this distance decreases as the altitude above sea level increases (see chart below).This distance is measured from the hand pump to the surface of the water.

Has 1 1/4" female pipe thread in base for water supply pipe.



Sea level          22.0 ft

1000 ft             20.8 ft

3000 ft             18.4 ft

5000 ft             16.0 ft

7000 ft             13.6 ft

9000 ft             11.2 ft